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Services for Law Enforcement

Psychological Screening and Assessment Centers

Law Enforcement Salute

Selection boards, assessment centers, and psychological screening are critical components of the public safety selection process. When these methods are applied consistently and professionally, applicants typically react favorably and perceive the process as fair. ​

We collaborate with subject matter experts ranging from Officer to Assistant Chief to ensure each component is validated and precisely tailored to your organization. 

In addition, our SMEs have diverse backgrounds with several years of experience from agencies including El Paso PD, San Antonio PD, and Chicago PD. Utilizing neutral experts helps maintain objectivity and impartiality throughout the process. 

Psychological Screening and Evaluation

These ADA compliant screening procedures assess for psychopathology that may impede an individual’s ability to appropriately carry out their privileged duties. Specialized psychological screening is a necessary process in ensuring the best-suited candidates fill these critical job roles.

- Pre-Employment
- Fitness-for-duty
- Diagnostic and Intervention Consultation

Assessment Centers

This method consists of a standardized evaluation of behavior based on multiple evaluations such as an in-basket, structured interview, leaderless group discussion, oral presentation. We have experience in public safety to understand the care with which these exercises must be administered. We can administer an assessment center using subject matter experts.

We also offer group and individual candidate prep exercises for candidates. Group prep provides an overview of Assessment Centers. Individual prep includes a resume review to help you highlight your accomplishments. 

Our Experience



Minnie Holguin, SHRM - SCP

Some of my fondest memories are from my employment with the El Paso Police Department. I was fortunate to spend ten years learning the culture and trying to keep my caricature off the whiteboard! 

I proudly built an HR department to support those that serve.


One of the main functions of my role was overseeing and developing the selection and promotion process for all employees. As a primary respondent in litigation items, I am thoroughly familiar with selection processes' sensitivity, credibility, and competence.

 My formal education provided me with a foundation in employment laws and guidelines.  Working at a public safety agency helped me understand the demands and complexities in applying them. I made lifelong friendships and remain active by serving on the Police Department's Discipline Review Board.  


Justin Kepple, Psy.D.

I am well versed in all tenants of Law Enforcement Psychology, from mitigating the negative impact of stress and burnout, which was the basis of my doctoral dissertation to conducting psychological evaluations for public safety employees for multiple departments within the State of California and previously working as an analyst within the El Paso Police Department. 
Through rigorous study, forensic experience, and former employment in the law enforcement field, I appreciate this critical career role's nuances. As a Clinical Psychologist, I aim to give the best quality assessment possible to ensure successful officer outcomes for the brave men and women who elect to serve and protect their community.

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