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IS 2020 OVER YET?!

Wrapping up or beginning of fiscal year for most non profits, open enrollment, last quarter for private companies, end of year performance reviews…… the list goes on!

This is one of the busiest times of the year for most organizations and on top of that, we’re all still juggling covid. While we may want 2020 to be over, we're not quite finished.

To the leaders- set an example and take care of yourself. Support your colleagues and team members during this time. Reach out, brainstorm, see if there are any duplicate tasks that can be eliminated. For many, its difficult to think about next year when we’re still trying to get through this year with so many unknowns and constant changes.

Adaptability, creativity, compassion and a little humor are all helpful right about now. As if performance reviews weren't already challenging- now to deliver them remotely!

What are some of the biggest challenges for you? Welcome to #worklifeblend!


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